Street Sabha

  • Perform theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces.
  • It could be done in shopping centers, car parks, college or universities campus.
  • It appeals to the mass.

Bulk SMS

  • Send SMS and recorded voice content in the constituency as per client's direction.
  • Effective at the time of election.

Door to Door Campaign

  • Visit various households of the constituency on behalf of party / candidate.
  • It works as a catalyst in projecting candidate name in the mind of voters on election day.

News Coverage

  • Print and electronic media.
  • Radio.
  • Newspapers.
  • Outdoor advertising.
  • Events / Conference / Rallies.
  • Rural marketing.

Call Centre

  • Telecallers interact with voters on behalf of party / candidate and communicate persuasive message.
  • It gives personal touch to voters.

Social Media

  • Setting up the social media platforms.
  • Branding and data management.
  • Feedback and audience support mechanism.
  • Managing the digital presence.


  • Designing of specially oriented events for class and verticals of Assembly Constituency.
  • Using strategically planned media associations and publicity modules for the entire process.


  • Spread party / candidate message through out constituency using LED panels and vehicles.
  • It's highly attractive and catches the attention.
  • Works best in both rural and urban areas.

Air Balloons

  • Present your message without uttering a word.
  • Silent and effective.
  • Easily identified from distance.
  • Works best in rural areas.